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Van template differences


I'm looking at the Mercedes Sprinter van choices and it's hard to tell one from another. I'm guessing the "L" stands for length and "H" for height? But the program is not clear on the specifics.

I have a 2016 Sprinter 144 High roof. I'm guessing that it's the L2H2 model, but if you look at the screenshot, you have 2 of them listed. Is the difference the year?

Plus are there supposed to be icons or images in those boxes?

Thank you!

Hi Tim,

Great to see you making use of the Forum :)

Yes there should normally be icons in the boxes, are you able to actually select the models and it take you to the van?

We have the following Mercedes models within our software and you are quite right, L is for the length and H is for the height

Mercedes Sprinter Panel Van L2H1

Mercedes Sprinter Panel Van L2H2

Mercedes Sprinter Panel Van L3H2

Mercedes Sprinter Panel Van L3H3

Mercedes Sprinter Panel Van L4H2

Mercedes Sprinter Panel Van L4H3

Using the measurements of your own vehicle, you can check here to see which Sprinter model you would need.

If your own model does not fit any of the dimensions above you can use the Custom Van feature within our software to create a model to your own exact dimensions. We find this website very helpful when needing to locate the measurements

In the new v2.08 you will be able to select the closest Sprinter model and then adjust to your own dimensions

Hope that this helps


I am having the same problem.  We have a 2020 Sprinter High top 170 and i am not really sure which one of these is closest.  I think it would be the L3H2 but not positive.  It fits the closest with the above charts but not exact.

screen shot of the 2020 170 2500

Hi Kelly, Thank you for your post

We actually have a Help Guide on our Knowledge Base that would help you see all Dimensions of each of our model templates, here is the link

If you need something more specific just email us and we can send you our Model Request form

Hope that this helps,


1997 toyota dyna with libity campervan ,

door just aft of drivers door right hand drive 

2.1x5metres long

H 2.82 W2.06 L4.97 Weight 2860
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