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Seating options

I don't see any seating options, am I not looking at the right area?

I'm looking for bench seats that are either 2 wide or 3 wide. There are aftermarket sofa seats that can also fold into a bed, such as this:

Captains chairs would be a great option also.

It would be great if you could incorporate the above seating options so we can visualize how a sofa/bed can incorporate into the build.



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Hi Tim,

Again apologies for the delay in our reply.

I have forwarded your request straight to our Development Team to take a look at, we are always more than happy to look into new things to add that our customers want

Some other great news is that in our new v2.08 we will actually be adding 3d Shapes so that you can start creating your own items too, as soon as is available to download I will email all customers to let them know.

Thanks again


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