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Why is there no door cutout in new software?

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Hi Grant,

Do you mean the side doors of the van?

If so we found that they were not necessary as the van walls toggle off anyway, many van builders will use space in front of the open door for a Kitchen cupboard and work top for instance so that they can have the door open and take in the views while cooking etc Leaving a much smaller walk in gap.

Hope this answers your question 

It would be really good to have the option to show the van sides with door open or closed.  This would make it much easier working out placement for seating / kitchen to optimize the layout.

As you say, lots of folks use the space in front of the open door so it would be useful to visualise what this looks like.



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Hi Rob, 

Thank you for this.

As you know the van walls do toggle on and off allowing you to see how much space you have to work with.

I have added this to our software development list which is looked at consistently.  The most popular features are then added to our software.

Please keep your suggestions coming as we certainly value all our customers opinions.

Many Thanks 


I just downloaded the software today. I also think a door open would help with layout into the open space, or at least a reference point on the wall.  It would also help with placement of upper cabinets on the door side. Thanks

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Agree! You can't really see how far you can put things on the door wall.

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