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Dog grooming van equipment

I know this isn't your current market, but the mobile dog grooming world is desperate for a layout program for mobile dog grooming vans. I'm hoping to use your program for this purpose, especially for planning the electrical and plumbing. I'm sure I can find cabinets that are the dimensions I need for the tub, grooming table, desk, cabinets. You have generators/inverters already in your system. I'll have to fudge the vacuum, dryer with hose and water tanks.

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Thanks so much for this, the function to add wiring and plumbing is in Development right now and once completed will be added in an upcoming update.

Insulation is a little different as there is no way to account for the thickness because the techniques used and the materials chosen will vary between users.

We can suggest using the 3D shapes within our software to replicate what ever method you choose for this as well as any framing as you can be very specific with the measurements, otherwise allow a few cm within your build, re-measure once your insulation is installed and then amend your layout within our software. 

We update our software regularly and just for the moment we can share that we have many customers who create shots of their builds using the internal camera and measuring tool in the software to print, this then enables them to draw their plumbing and wiring in technically.  

Our 3D shape feature is  a great alternative to create objects and furnishings if we do not have exactly what you are looking for.  Please feel free to send us screenshots and links of particular objects so we can add them to our Software Development List.  These objects will then be added in order of popularity.

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