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Importing assets

How do I import my own floor, textiles etc.?

You cannot import any objects into our software, you can however change the floor and textiles from those available in our catalog:  I hope this helps!

That is a shame and makes the program useless for me. I'm afraid I do not give it a high rating for that, the amount of time it took to try and open the 1.2 version and the long learning curve for that version. I cannot not use it.

I am sorry to hear this however It is not a feature that we have ever portrayed the software has and we are of course available prior to purchase to answer any questions of this nature.

That being said we are always listening and the majority of our new features that are added come from our Customers requests. This one has already been suggested to us and is with the Development Team now. It is not a priority at the moment however it is definitely something that we are looking into for the future.

At the moment our concentration is on a huge update coming in v2.10 which will include the electricals and plumbing, layering, interactive furniture and a brand new UI ( and much more )

We do offer multiple different options of Textile and Materials that you can use within your layout Metals, Woods, Plastics, Fabrics etc as well as a Colour Wheel to pinpoint precise shades. We manage to create many different variations in our own layouts that we share on our Social Media and can make a few suggestions to you

Select your Material such as Wood ( there are multiple different grains ) and use the colour selector - Use the 3D Shapes - You can create Floor Boards, Full Floor Coverings with different designs, circles, squares etc and then Colour as needed - very effective and you can be really creative too. We have Customers who have created some amazing decor with the 3D shapes and they are standard to be used within 3D Software.

With regards to the v1.2, it is more technical and does have a longer learning Curve, the v2 has been simplified and after v210 will actually provide you with different levels of learning. so you can be as detailed or simple as you like.

I hope that this gives you some ideas on how to continue with your layout - if you need anything specific just open a Ticket and we can discuss further with you , we always love to hear new suggestions!

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