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2021 Transit Template

I was wondering of vanspace or a vanspace user has developed a template for a 2021 transit.  Specifically high roof, 148" extended?

Thank you in advance!


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All of our templates can be LHD or RHD and we currently offer 100+ model templates and growing with the most popular requested new ones being added with every update. Please use this link to our full list of current model templates as well as their dimensions included in our v2 software Model Templates and Dimensions v2 

If your model is not listed do not worry as you can still use our software to create your layout.

1) Make sure that you review the entire list as many models have the same dimensions as others and so there is more than likely a Template available for you to select.
2) Suggest a model to be added - we can send you a Live Model Request Form upon request and we add the most popular suggestions with every update. 

3) Create a Custom Van !  You can select any of our models as your base model eg. Bus, Transit, Box Truck and then continue by adding your vehicles own dimensions.

This feature is also available in our original fully loaded v1.2 

I hope this helps!

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