Can I use vanspace 3D with any van?

Yes, vanspace works for any van or bus! We have already imported 100+ of the most common vans (find our exact list HERE) and even if you have a more rare van model, with our Custom Van option you can easily enter the dimensions of any van to start designing your layout right away!

And yes we also have Buses, Box Vans and even a Jeep Wrangler

As we are adding new models all of the time just email us at or send us a message on Facebook HERE to request a new model template be added 

We add the most popular requested with every update.

Can I use vanspace on my mobile or tablet?

We want to ensure you to have a good user experience, so we will only release a mobile version when it is 100% ready and user-friendly. We are working hard on releasing the mobile app, and you will receive mobile access for free if you purchase the current version

Left or Right Hand Drive?

We have thought of everything and are very happy to tell you that you can custom any model to be left or right hand drive, no excuse now to not get started with vanspace3D

Do I need this, I have been using pen and paper ?

If you want to be able to visualise your dream build in 3D while having the ability to move around as if you were in it, then yes!

Besides, it is definitely a lot more fun

Check out our Social media so see our software in action and to see what amazing plans our Customers are creating HERE

Don't forget that access also provides you with a Budget Tracker to keep on top of your spending, tips from a real life Vanlifer, examples of how to keep your build under $5000,  pre-designed layouts if you need that extra inspiration and access to a very knowledgable Support Team 

What can I do with vanspace?

You can make that van conversion you have been dreaming of come to life, that's what !

Take a look at our Social Media 
HERE to see how our customers are getting on with their plans as we do love to share them. 

Use one of our existing templates or create your own, we even provide you with pre-designed layouts for inspiration if needed. 

With these you can download into your software and change the decor, move the furniture around or even delete what you don't need and add what you do. 

If there was a software that would help you prevent making expensive mistakes within your real life build, you would not want to miss out. 

Do I need any designing or building skills?

Nope, our newest version 2 is perfect for a newbie. Of course we recommend watching our Tutorials and getting familiar with our Help Guides specifically created for you so that before long you will be ready and raring to go.

Just like anything else new you will have a learning curve but remember that Rome was not built in a day, have you ever tried to play Monopoly without reading the rules? 

You want to make sure that you get it absolutely right and that at least with vanspace 3D, if you make a mistake in your plan you are not making the same mistake in your real life build.

Our original v1.2 is more technical but that is OK, you do not have to use it as you get access to both versions. This is the preferred choice of our professional Van Builders so don't over look it as we have some really amazing plans being created in this version by our existing customers.

Minimum Requirements?

Windows 10 OS High Sierra however if lower end spec we recommend Catalina 

Macbook Air M1 2020 *

Big Sur Users Important Information

Unsupported Devices? 

Besides Mobile and Tablet ( until the release of our Mobile App ) we are unable to support the following Devices and Operating Systems.

Windows 7
Windows 8
Microsoft Surface


* Macbook Air - We are unable to support these pre the release of the MacBook Air M1, 2020