After making you purchase you are probably really excited to get going and then OH NO! no log in details arrive.

Do not worry as your log in details are sent to your registered email address within minutes but you may need to go and find them * maybe slightly different for a Business email or own Domain user

After purchase you will receive two emails, one containing your online browser password, the other will be your welcome email containing details of your optional download password and steps to take to get started.  Your user name for both will be your email address 

If after a few minutes of purchase you have still not received please check the following 

1) Your Spam/Junk folder as it is possible that they may have been sent there, you can also search within your email client for an email from vanspace or vanspace3d

2) Your invoice to ensure that you have not made any spelling mistakes within your email address as this would cause your log in details to go to an incorrect email address. 

If using a Business address or your own Domain some hosts will totally block an email that contains links to your log ins if they believe it is spam.  You would need to contact your IT Department or Host to have us 'Whitelisted'


** Unfortunately some popular web based email clients such as Gmail like to send new email contacts off to totally unknown folders that you will not be able to find so if you are still unable to locate your log in details please add to your contacts and email us with the following information. 

Email to using the title 1st Time Log in Issue 
Your full name as registered when purchasing 
Your Invoice Number 
The email address that was registered during purchase