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Here you can report any of the following options directly to us, For all other queries please contact us in the normal way

Performance Issue

Number One  The vanspace3d Toolbar

From Left to Right

Free Cam
Hold right Click to look around WASD controls to move and left shift/Option to speed up
Measure Mode 
Toggles measure mode on and off
Measuring Tool Be precise with your measurements
Toggle Grid 
Toggles visibility of the measurements grid
Snapshot Takes a screenshot of your current van, use any angle that you want
Snapshot Gallery Shows all of your saved snapshots and Gifs
Toggle Van Walls Toggles/Removes the exterior walls of the van
Toggle BulkheadToggles the van bulkhead
Mirror Van Select left or right hand drive
Move GizmoHighlighting object placed in van and selecting this enables the Gizmo to move items
Rotate GizmoHighlighting object placed in van and selecting this enables the Gizmo to rotate items
Scale GizmoHighlighting object placed in van and selecting this enables the Gizmo to scale items
Orbit Orbit your your model 360 degrees and create Gifs
Settings Where to save and set your options plus custom your van model

Number two The viewer

Your default view when ever loading a van will be from the left, use this viewer so that you can quickly view from the right, the rear and also the top

In the middle of The Viewer is the 2D/3D button, in the image above the screen is in 3D mode, click on 2D mode if needing to perfect the placement of an object in your layout

Number three  Undo

Clicking on this will undo your last action, you can also use Ctrl + Z on your keyboard in Windows and Mac.

Number Four The Item Library

Here you can navigate through all of the pre built shapes to use in your design or locate the 3D shapes Using the 3D Shapes to create what ever you need

Number five Grouping 

Implemented in v2.08 however full controls to be added in v2.09

In our next screenshot you will see that the van walls and Bulkhead have been removed using the Toolbar Functions above and the Van has been customised which you can view in this article  Paint Van, Custom Floors and Walls, Day Night Mode

You will also notice that a Cabinet has been drag and dropped from the Item Library, placed in the van and then clicked on again to bring up the Gizmo and some extra functions 

Number Six Actions listed 

This is a running tally of actions that you have completed in the van 

Number Seven Direction Viewer 

Here you can pinpoint the angles that you want to view the van from, the default view will always be the left hand side

Number eight Zoom 

Here you can zoom in and out

Number Nine The Colour Feature 

This allows you to drag and drop the different textures and colours from the Material Selector into the different components of the item that you have placed in your van. Note also the small colour wheel in the top right so that you can be very specific with your colouring

Number Ten  Manual measurements or Adjustments 

Depending on which Gizmo Function you have clicked on in the Toolbar, the manual box will adjust to allow you to enter your own dimensions or degrees

Number 11 Item Movement Feature 

If you do not wish to use the Gizmo you can move the item placed in your van here in varying directions and angles, you will also notice the arrows pointing to

Scale - Selecting this will turn the Item Movement Feature into a Scaling Feature
Duplicate - Selecting this and then highlighting an item in your van is an easy way to add another cupboard etc
Delete - Selecting this will delete what ever item you have highlighted