Once you have received your Welcome email containing your initial activation password, changing to something more memorable is a simple process

Make sure that you have downloaded the latest v2

Which version should I use

Where do I download or access the online version?

Double click to load your software and select ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT 


Enter your original password and also your new choice, confirm and select RESET 


This will trigger a reset email to be sent to your registered email address - If not received within minutes please check your Spam folder within your email client. 

The email address that will generate this reset email is noreply@vanspace3d.com

If you receive an error stating that it could not be sent this will be because of one of two reasons

Your Mailbox is full
Please delete unneeded emails to allow further to be received
Your Spam Filters need to be adjusted 
To allow emails containing links and other unrecognised content, please add the following email to your Contacts and Safe lists.