A Gizmo is a nifty little gadget that helps you move, rotate, or scale objects along a 3D axis or plane.

Once you have placed an object into your layout you can click on it so that the Gizmo appears 

You can then precisely position your object using the Gizmo Controls 

You can Move, Scale or Rotate any item once this appears and can toggle between these options using your software Toolbar 

Using your Mouse or Trackpad please follow the movement guide below on how to move to find the correct position that you need.

You will find that you will need to change your viewing angle multiple times to ensure that you are able to view from all sides and ensure correct placement, scale or position

You may also want to toggle between 2D and 3D view to ensure precision 

1. For the Movement Gizmo drag the particular arrow in the direction you want to move the object

2. For the Rotate Gizmo use your mouse following the circular directions shown to position your object at your chosen angles 

3. For the Scale Gizmo drag the particular cubes to scale the item on different axis