Alas all computers are not made the same and sometimes we may need to help you adjust some settings if our software closes abruptly while you are using it.  

If you experience a crash it will be really helpful to us if you could provide the crash report so that we can see what has happened and resolve as quickly as possible for you. 

The reasons for this happening will normally relate to Anti Virus, Windows Defender or a A Fire Wall. These are all easily resolved by adjusting a few settings to let your security protection know that it is OK to allow all functions within our software to operate.

Sometimes the report will let you know that it is time to update some Drivers on your system, we can also advise on this too.

To locate the crash report you will need to use Windows Event Viewer, please follow the instructions below


1. Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools
2. Click Event Viewer
3. On the left pane expand Windows Logs and select Application
4. In the top middle pane scroll down to the date and time of the Crash that you experienced with vanspace3D
5. In the General Tab, copy the full information in the window pane into Word and send within your email.