Once you have contacted us by any of the methods we offer you will receive an email confirming that we have received your query.  It will also provide you with your Ticket reference number and your Unique Link to view the progress of your Ticket

Your progress will show your original query, any responses from vanspace3D, optional notes that you can add and also the ability to respond to us.


1. Click on Check Ticket Status

2.A ticket can have various statuses. You can filter out tickets based on the 'Status' by using the drop down above the list of tickets:

All Tickets view

Choosing All Tickets will show every ticket that you have raised no matter what the status of the tickets is.

Open or Pending tickets
A newly created ticked will show as Open until it is responded to by the vanspace3D Support Team

Resolved or Closed

The ticket is marked as Resolved when our Support Team provides the solution for your question/issue. The ticket can be marked as Closed when you confirm resolution of the ticket within your Portal Area 

Even if the Status is Resolved or Closed, you will be able to reply to the ticket at any time in case of further queries relating to the content.