A ticket is quite simply a request for vanspace3D to answer a query. 

However you choose to contact us, a Ticket will be raised with our Support Team and you will be provided with your Unique Ticket Reference via email within seconds of us receiving the request *

You will also receive details of how to log in to our Support Portal to view the status of your Ticket or even respond to us.

To ensure smooth delivery of our confirmation of receipt and log in details, please ensure that you have added hello@vanspace3d.com to the 'Safe List' and 'Contacts' with your email client ( or Host if a Business/Own Domain user)

How to Contact vanspace3D

* Please note that if you have contacted us via Facebook Messenger you will not receive this confirmation and will not be able view your communications with us via the Support Portal. 

We can however provide you with your Unique Ticket Number when we respond to you via Facebook Messenger for your own reference.