The grouping system allow for multiple objects to be easily saved and selected by the user using a name given as a reference. You can make many different groups with the same objects so don’t worry about which objects are grouped where.

How to Group Objects

Here is a loaded van that has nothing selected. While nothing is selected you can see two buttons on the right hand side are faded and unable to be clicked.

This is because we don’t have anything in the scene selected and we don’t have any group’s current made. So let’s make a simple group.

Select any object in the scene and you should see the top button become intractable.

But we don’t just want one object so let’s HOLD LEFT SHIFT on your keyboard and select another object.

Now with both selected we can click the “Add as new group” button and a popup shall appear. 

Here you can put a custom name in so you know what the group contains, you can also leave it blank and it will name it for you.

So here you can see that the group has been made with the second button now intractable and the name you put in under it. You should be able to deselect or select a different object now and return to that group when needed.

Selecting a group

From before we had the group of the two benches selected in our group. I have added two more: one of the sink at the top left with the left bench.   Which looks like this:

And a third group with all objects selected. Which looks like this:

Now at right hand side we see two buttons that we can press to cycle though the groups we have made.

Once you have decided on a group you want to select you click the “Select Group” button and the objects you assigned should now be selected, I will select “Group-1” of mine to show what happens.

Deleted objects and groups

When deleting objects that where in a group all groups with the object will also be deleted. But it will not affect any groups that don’t have that object in any group.

Here I deleted the left bench and has deleted all the groups as it was used in all groups. 

But let’s set it up again and delete the sink.

We can see that our first group is still there waiting to be selected.

If you want to delete a group but not the objects you can select the “x” button next to the selected group you want deleted. 

Please note that this will not deselect any current objects it will only delete the group reference. This is what happens if I delete our one and only group left “Group-1”.