All of your saved layouts are stored locally on your system and there may be times that you want to locate these for one of the following reasons.

To rename your saved layout
To send the vandata file to our Support Team

To delete the file although this can also be done within your software at the van selection page. Deleting Saved Vans


There may be occasion that we would need to be able to view your vandata file and so may request that you send to us. All you need to do is locate the particular file by following the steps above and simply attach to an email *

* If this particular file is causing an issue when reloading your saved vans, after sending to us please move the original file to your Desk Top so that you can continue loading other unaffected saved vans. We can amend the affected vandata file very quickly for you and return.


Your saved location will be users > username > Library > Application Support > com.VanSpace3d.VanSpace3DBeta > Saves

You can also use your Finder to simply search for the name that you have saved your van as or the word vandata

If you can not locate in the above way it means that you have hidden files and will need to unhide them in a specific step. Please follow the Steps below

Step 1. Locate USERS within your Finder

Step 2. Click on the name of your Mac, this user obviously likes to call their systems after rooms in their house!

Step 3. The next step would be to select Library. It may be a hidden file/folder on your system and so clicking Shift + Cmd + Dot at this point will reveal all files/folders hidden in this location. 

Step 4. Select the hidden Library 

Step 5. Select Application Support 

Step 6. Select our vanspace3d Folder

Step 7.  Select Saves 

Step 8. Once Saves is open you can note that here is will you will find all of your screenshots taken within our Software, You will also find any lay outs that you have created and saved. 

From here you can delete, rename, move or attach to an email to send us.