If you have used the inbuilt Camera Feature for screen shots of your layout or the Orbit Viewer to create Gifs within our software, you will now have a series of screen shots within your Picture Gallery also within the software

Full Functions walkthrough v2.09 will show you how to locate these features.

Even though you have access to all of these to view within your Gallery in the software to manage them for deleting, renaming, relocating or sending please follow the steps within the following Help Guides to help you locate on your system.

Locating your Saved vandata Files on Mac 

Locating your Saved vandata Files on Windows

Once you are in the final location on both Mac and Windows which would be Saves, You will not only find your vandata files but also your full directory of screenshots and Gifs*

Here you can deal with as you would a normal image file and rename, delete etc.

* It is important to note that you will not be able to replay any Gif in your Library within the software as they will just show as a still image. By following the above once you have located you can then replay and move to another location.