J+H(5 sec) - Reset to smallest Resolution

J+K(5 sec) - Max Resolution

J+U(5 sec) - Resolution step up

J+N(5 sec) - Resolution step down

Using our software with the correct resolution will provide you with very clear detailed lay outs such as the following, anything less and you are using the wrong Resolution. This will need to be reset as well as ensuring that you are using our software in full screen. 

Software Display Issues

We recommend 1920x1080 from within your software or the closest too this that your system makes available to you. . 

You can alter your resolution directly in the software when open by following below. 

1. Open your Software and Select SETTINGS from the top menu and then OPTIONS. The following box will appear. 

You will see all available resolutions in the drop down box under SCREEN RESOLUTION

* Please note that if you are using a 4K Monitor you may not have multiple options available to you. 

If not and you can not adjust to one that is appropriate for your monitor please contact our Support Team for further help.