The best way to use AUTO SAVE is as a Crash Barrier so that if for some reason you lose power, you will not lose your saved layout

Think of it like a safety net so choose your time intervals wisely using this Help Guide Auto Save

Once you have named and saved your van this will be your main saved file, you will see we have called ours Auto Save Test in the image below. Your Auto Saves will then save separately which potentially could leave you with a box full of un-needed files.

We recommend at the end of your session saving your layout to the main file and then deleting all Auto Saves as they would no longer be needed.

If you forgot to save to your main file before exiting the software, do not worry as when you next log back in just open the last Auto Saved file and then Save as normal over writing the original file. You can then delete those no longer needed 

Having trouble loading your Auto Saves?

This may be down to the Language and Date/Time Format that you have set on your system so for the moment you will need to make sure that you have this set to UK English settings. 

Both settings would need to be adjusted while using our software and a resolve for this will be added shortly.