It is very rare that vanspace have Server Issues in fact in the last 12 months we have not actually experienced any yet this error can occur for the following examples.

A user is experiencing a connection issue 

Another Program on the Users system is causing a clash
The users system does not allow a connection due to Administration Rights
Your ISP is blocking the connection


We would always recommend that you use a good strong WIFI to connect. 

Stage One 

Reboot your Router in case just a simple connection issue 

Do you use a Modem only or also a Router ( the Router allows connection for multiple devices ) Reboot both

Turn off any VPN/Firewall/Anti Virus/Windows Defender that you are running 

Ensure that you have vanspace3d 'Whitelisted' with your Modem/Router if you have set up the extra layer of security there

Stage Two

If you still receive the same issue, if you have another PC or Mac device please attempt to login to your vanspace account there, this way you can pinpoint if the issue is only on the original system This is usually the case

Once you have established that this relates to a singe system, please follow the steps below

Is your system a home or work system?  Do you have Admin rights if a work system? 
Are you running other softwares such as Citrix Products ? These are normally used in a work environment and can cause multiple clashes. Please disable to test
Are you running Adobe Products ? Is so disable ones such as photoshop, Illustrator to test as again these can cause multiple clashes.


We don't recommend this way of connecting as it can be very unreliable however if receiving this error and usually have a great connection, please follow the steps above in 
Stage two

If the issue persists please connect to wifi at your earliest convenience as if you still can then not connect we will then know that we need to look at further settings

If after following all of the above steps you still receive this error please copy and paste the below table into an email and complete the information requested. 

We apologise as it is a lot of information required however is important as it helps us pinpoint where the issue lies.

You can email us at

How are you connecting? Wifi - 4G - Hot Spotting? 
Is this your Home or Work System? 
Do you have Administrator Rights? 
Have you disabled any Citrix or Adobe Products to test?

Which programs did you disable? 
Did you disable all VPN/Firewall/AV/WD to test? 
Which programs did you disable? 
Who is your ISP ? 
Have you been able to test on another system using the same connection? 
Were you able to connect ? 
If using wifi, is this your own home wifi? Please provide further info if not 
Do you receive this error when attempting to log in on all vanspace3d Downloads or just one. Please provide full information. 
IMPORTANT - please provide a screenshot of your system details

1. Click on the Apple
2. About this Mac
3. Could you please take a screenshot of the full box of information that appears

1. Right-click on the Windows start menu icon on the bottom left-hand side of your screen.
2. Click on ‘System’ in the menu that pops up.
3. Could you please provide a screenshot of the Device Specifications .