We do understand that using a new software can be quite daunting to begin with and we are here to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

All it requires is an hour or two of your time to ' read the instructions ' as you would expect with any new Software or Game, imagine starting to play Monopoly for the first time without reading the rules first !

To get you off to the best start we recommend following the steps below

1. Get Logged in online and follow the first 4 steps
Where do I locate the download App or access the online version?

Steps 1-4 will provide you with information about our versions, your activation key for your downloads and will also follow onto the next Category Downloads and Bonuses
2. Check out your Bonus Materials You have access to some very helpful information for van conversion, not only tips from real Van Lifers but also a Budget Tracker to keep your finances under control
3. Download our V2 Software Downloading on Mac
Downloading on Windows
4. Open a Van Template and watch our V2 Tutorials v2 Full Tutorials

5. Familiarise yourself with the featuresFull Functions walkthrough v2.09
Hot Keys and Short Cuts 
6. Practice with our Pre Designed Layouts - if you make a mistake simply download again! 

Great for familiarising yourself with the features of the software shown in the Tutorials and walkthrough. 
These can be located within the GET INSPIRED SECTION of your online account where you can change/move any elements that you want to . These are great for inspiration and practice if a new starter

Get Inspired

7. Get started with your own lay out ! If you need more inspiration check out layouts that you could be creating HERE If you need to know the exact template that you will need, check out the full list plus their Dimensions

Model Templates and Dimensions v2
8. Use our Knowledge Base ! It is full of Help Guides explaining each feature in detail

You are viewing it now however if you have got here via a link provided by the Support Team, Just select the SUPPORT Tab within your online account for direct access


3D Shapes are available within your Item Library, we use these a lot when creating layouts that we share.

Whilst we are constantly adding new objects to the Item Library with every update, 3D Shapes give you the freedom to create new or custom existing. 
Using the 3D Shapes to create what ever you need
Use the different views when placing an object so that you are able to see from all angles 

The perception will change with each view that you use and direction keys will adjust accordingly 
Full Functions walkthrough v2.09
Use 2D mode for precision when placing an object The above walkthrough guide will show you where to locate 2D/3D toggle 
Use the Duplicate feature if wanting to use a series of the same object with same dimensions

Place the first object, select Duplicate and then drag to the next position with the Move Gizmo 
The above walkthrough guide will show you where to locate the Duplicate Feature and the Move Gizmo 
Use Grouping when wanting to create a group of objects to place in your layout. Grouping
If needing to take a sloping wall into account, place the object near the bottom of the wall and raise into place with the Move Gizmo The above walkthrough guide will show you where to locate the Move Gizmo 
Take into account the shadowing of the Sun and adjust if needed when in particular views

You are also able to turn off BLOOM if you find a bit too dazzling 
Paint Van, Custom Floors and Walls, Day Night Mode

What is Bloom and how to manage it
Decorate everything just how you want it Changing Materials/Colour for individual Objects


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Contact our Support Team

Be specific with what areas you need the Support in - tell us what you are wanting to do and what you have tried so far. 
How to contact vanspace3D