This is a great question and a very popular one that we receive in the Support Team and so as it is important to you we have created a Help Guide.

The simple answer is yes you can and we make it quite easy for you to do so from within the software.

When creating your layout you will notice that some items that you will use will have the AMAZON icon showing on them within the Item Library.

As shown in this screenshot you will see the AMAZON A has been circled when viewing the Cooking Ranges - Just click on this and you will be taken to further information about the selected item and a link to purchase.

This will include mainly Motor Home specific items as you will find that these are generally the best to use when converting your Van into a Camper. For more generic items such as Kitchen Cabinets you will more than likely create your own to your specific dimensions needed as it is not often that you are able to use standard sizes when converting.

By also using the Bonus ULTIMATE BUDGET TRACKER that we provide you with for free you can keep on top of your budget and make sure to avoid any expensive mistakes.