We recommend that if you are thinking about updating your OS to Big Sur to delay for the moment until at least the 3rd or 4th update from Apple  

The release of Big Sur and all of it's glitches and Bugs has certainly been a headache within the Software world with many of the Software houses working hard to find solutions to the peculiar errors and lagging that it can cause.

Do we support Big Sur ? 

This is actually quite a hard question to answer as we have many Big Sur users that are using our software without a single issue while others receive errors at every stage

We are finding that certain combinations of Age, Graphics and Memory are more likely to receive problems however this does not mean that an older Mac is more likely to experience this over a newer one.  We can certainly take a look for you and provide our recommendations after the extensive testing we have been doing with this OS.

What are vanspace doing about this ?  

The Apple forums are quite busy with many different resolves being offered for Big Sur issues whilst we wait for Apple to release the next update to resolve, in the meantime we have had great success in getting users up and running with some troubleshooting and co-operation. 

We also have a dedicated Mac Team working with the latest Beta version released to Developers so that we can incorporate updates when released to the public with all the updated Drivers required and important bug fixes.


If you have already updated to Big Sur it is possible to downgrade to the previous OS Catalina until Apple have reduced further updates

What to do next

 If you have already joined us and have experienced problems within our software such as lagging, features not working, errors, blank screen and other strange issues please get in touch with us and let us know exactly what is happening. The more information that you can provide the better and should include the following. 

A screenshot of 'About this Mac'
Whilst in 'About this Mac' A screenshot from the Memory Tab
1. Finder
2. Activity Monitor
3. Click on the CPU and also Memory Column you will see the percentage for vanspace in both
4. Please provide a full screenshot of both while the software is running. 
Screenshots or recordings of what is happening on screen

 If you are thinking of joining us and are concerned as using this OS please get in touch and include a Screen Shot of the following information 

A screenshot of 'About this Mac'
Whilst in 'About this Mac' A screenshot from the Memory Tab  

Big Sur - You do not have permission to open the Application
How to contact vanspace