As Big Sur is in it's infancy you will expect to receive many unusual errors with all softwares. Some may take time for Apple to resolve so it is important to ensure that you keep your system up to date with all updates that Apple provides.

For more information about Big Sur and the issues the Developers and Users are having, please view this Help Guide

Big Sur Users Important Information

Even though our software is certified by Apple and the majority of Big Sur users are able to download our software without any issues, some will receive the below error which seems to be connected to the permissions on the users system

It is important to note that there are many different resolves to this issue and so some patience may be needed to locate which will work for you. 


Step One

During the Download process you will have moved the vanspace App to your Applications folder, locate vanspace and click once to highlight 

Step Two

Once the vanspace App is highlighted click Command and the letter I at the same time and the Information box about the application will appear.

Step Three

Click the arrow > Next to Sharing and Permissions to expand the section 

Step Four

Click the pop-up menu next to your username to see the permissions settings.

If you’re not logged in as an administrator, you may need to click the lock to unlock it then enter an administrator name and password (or use Touch ID or your Apple Watch).

Change the permissions to Read & Write

If you can’t change the permissions, contact an administrator of your Mac 

* If the permissions here are already set to Read & Write then the permission issue will lie else where within Big Sur

Please contact us so that we can conduct further trouble shooting, just let us know that you have already reviewed the above and all settings are correct to avoid us asking you to go through it again.