If when loading our software you experience any issues with the login screen please view this Help Guide as this will advise you to use Alt + Enter to reset the size of the screen 

Grey/Black/Tiny Screen after Logging In

You will then be able to log in as normal, select your van template and should be met with a screen as below 

You may not have encountered any issues when logging in at all yet when you have the software open you experience the following

Some features not being visible 
Features have moved and not appearing as above 

Software screen appears to big for the window and features appear 'off screen' 
The van scene does not fill the entire window
Black borders around the van scene 
Still being able to view the Windows or Mac screen minimise/maximise buttons 

This will be because you are not using the software in Full Screen

Step 1.  Alt + Enter to reset the screen size 

STEP 2.  Ensure that the software window is now set to full screen, if not use the normal minimise/maximise options on the software window pane. 


Once in full screen if needing to navigate away from the software you can use ALT + TAB 


You will also be given the option to select Fill screen when maximising 

Once in full screen if needing to navigate away from the software you can use F4 and F3

Step 3. Ensure that FULL SCREEN is selected within the software it's self in SETTINGS > OPTIONS


After making these adjustments you may have one further step as your software may now have changed resolution to accommodate the sizing changes that you have manually made

Using the Correct Resolution